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custom copywritingPictures and other visuals will enhance the overall appearance and aesthetics of your website, but did you know that content can make your website more visible, as well? Not visible in the literal sense but, instead, more visible on the top three search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Additional content development on your website – as additional page content, meta description tags, or appropriate title tags – can boost your rankings over time as the search engines pick up on the keywords and key phrases of your text.

Here at Keyword Performance, LLC, the first step to creating effective content for your website is keyword research. Our staff uses the best keyword tools to build effective content that will promote your website for the search engines and convert your potential clients through proven SEO methods. We realize that copywriting is different for every company we work with, so we work closely with the client to assure the best possible results.

Types of Copywriting We Offer

  • E-commerce Copywriting: Creation of unique product content to assure not only the brands but the sub phrases and long tail phrases.
  • Standard Website Copy: Creative copywriting for promotional, technical, and service type content for new and existing websites.
  • Blogging: Informational content development that is industry-specific to promote products and brands that attract attention to your audience.
  • Press Release Writing: Newsworthy effective content for distribution across news channels, RSS feeds, and XML feeds.
  • Newsletters: Engagement writing for announcements, products, services, and specials to deliver to your already existing base of contacts.
  • Product Copy: Specific content that describes your exact product specifications, engages your audience, and delivers keyword-centric terms for the search engines.
  • Web Copy: Creative content writing that engages the search engines and the internet audience for your specific brand, products, or services. KP can write web copy on any topic. From promotional writing to technical writing, we have you covered.

Our Process When Content Writing for Websites

The research for specific keywords and phrases leads into the actual development of content for your website and will include:

  • Title Tag: The title at the top of the browser is the most important in search engine rankings, as this is the first piece of content a search engine reads. Although coherent, a title tag is composed of and pulls several large and important key terms for your website.
  • Meta Description Tag: Visually, you will only see this in the HTML code of your website, but, with a 14-word, keyword-centric sentence, the search engine has another bit of content from which to draw terms.
  • Website Content: The content created for any page onsite. Actual website content can range from 100 to 500 words per page depending on the layout and the information needed. We can tailor this potion for any project we work on. Content word counts will be discussed to assure the best solution on a project-by-project basis.

With keyword lists rendered obsolete by spamming, creating well-written, high-quality, and keyword-centric content is important for optimizing your website and increasing its visibility on the search engines.

What keywords would you like to rank higher in the search engines? Whether you have your own list of specific keywords or would like to find better key terms for your website, both require research. Once the research is completed, our content writers compile a list of the best key terms for your website to get the most out of your website’s content development.

Want to learn more about content that converts on the web? Find out how we can help.

To learn more about our Custom Content Creation services, call: (203) 284-1929.


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