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Stand Out With a Professionally Written Press Release

press release servicesReleasing a new product or service? Moving to a new location? Sponsoring an upcoming event? It’s important for your company to get that news out there, and the best way to do it is through a press release. Press releases are effective and popular means for gaining media attention on a broad or more targeted spectrum. By using the right press release service, your news can be picked up by top media outlets and disseminated to a broader audience. This easy method for increasing your company’s exposure can build greater brand awareness in your community and beyond.

How a Press Release Works

Press releases are overall an effective indirect sales and branding tool, and a well-crafted press release can go a long way. We ensure our dynamic writing and content structure is backed by SEO research so your press release receives the best visibility possible. Once published, your news is open-air, meaning any media aggregate or interested web-user can pick it up and share it. News media can then distribute your press release to their audiences, thereby expanding your reach and familiarizing others with your company and its services.

The ingredients for an effective press release include:

  • A captivating logo and headline
  • A descriptive summary
  • A well-structured body
  • Dynamic writing incorporating SEO keyword research
  • Distribution services that ensure your news gets to the right hands

What Keyword Performance Can Do For You

Our press release services include crafting and distributing your press release using our expertise in SEO technologies. We work with the most prominent press release distribution channels to reach over hundreds of thousands of RSS and XML feeds along with tens of thousands of news channels. If you are interested in targeting audiences in an area or location, our services can hypertarget specific regions and cities. On the other hand, we can also release your news to industry-specific media and top news channels, including Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Press Release Features:

  • Engaging headline creation
  • Professional writing consultation
  • Press release content creation
  • Up to three regional targets for local news channels
  • Distribution through Google, Yahoo, Topix News, eMediaWire, the Pheedo network, custom RSS feeds, and many other online media destinations. (Associated Press distribution is available at a custom service level)
  • A finished press release distributed through the internet in three different versions (PDF, printer-friendly, and iFrame)
  • Embedded company logo or news image. (Video release embedding is also available at a custom service level)
  • Social networking features
  • Meaningful and attention-grabbing quotables
  • Up to five SEO anchor text keyword links pointing to relevant pages of your website
  • Additional keywords in the footer for increased visibility
  • File attachments

Along with creating and distributing your press release, we provide a fully-detailed report including full-page reads, impressions, comparative analysis, visits by country, search engine traffic, and search terms. Scheduled distribution is available along with next-day distribution (please call for information about next-day services).

Our press release services will help increase online media exposure for your company, create better brand awareness, and increase traffic on your site. Please call us today for more information at 203-284-1929, or feel free to fill out our contact form.

To learn more about our Press Release services, call: (203) 284-1929.


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