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Print Materials

brochure writingPrinted materials such as brochures be an effective and flexible marketing tool for many businesses. If designed and written well, they can offer a snapshot of your business and the products or services you offer and attract potential customers. These printed marketing materials can be incorporated into point of sale displays, trade show and expo handouts, and in-store informational guides. With eye-catching design and engaging copy, your next printed marketing material will be a success.

Using dynamic writing strategies and the elements of design, Keyword Performance can create engaging brochures to appeal to any audience, whether it be the general public or members of a specific industry or demographic.

About Our Services

At Keyword Performance, we recognize that the basic purpose of a brochure is to persuade a target audience. While providing information is important, a brochure is intended as a marketing tool. We will create:

  • An eye-catching layout.
  • Engaging content to keep the reader interested.
  • Powerful images that will draw readers in, capture their attention, and encourage them to engage with your company.

The first step in crafting a brochure is to learn about your company and the type of customers you want to target. We will ask you questions about your products and services while researching your industry. After learning about your business, we can determine your target audience through our discussions, keyword research, and demographic studies.

Once we have determined your intended audience, we will craft content that is engaging and persuasive. For example, a brochure that is intended for members of an industry who are interested in a particular piece of technology will include more technical information than a piece that is intended for the general public. We will craft an attention-grabbing brochure that will appeal to your specific audience, whoever they may be.

The Keys to Brochure Design

An effective brochure should focus on your readers’ needs. By first showing that you understand a problem, you can then explain how your company can offer a solution. Customers will respond to your brochure if you can clearly explain how your products or services will directly benefit them.

While the content of your brochure will inform and persuade your readers, the images will draw them in and capture their interest. Keyword Performance will choose or create images that will catch readers’ eyes and encourage them to pick up your brochure to find out who your company is and what you have to offer.

Along with images, the layout of your brochure should be clean and well-organized. A cramped or cluttered layout will make your copy hard to follow, difficult to read, and overall unappealing. We keep it simple and powerful with clean design and a well-structured flow of copy.

A professionally written and designed brochure can be a powerful marketing tool to engage potential customers. Keyword Performance will work with you to understand your business and your target audience so that we can create engaging brochures that will address their needs and inspire them to choose your company over the competition.

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