Product Copy

Product Copy

product copy writingWhether describing a T-shirt for sale on an online retail store or vinyl siding on a contractor’s website, engaging product copy will set your company apart from the competition. By including descriptive and unique content in your product copy, your company can inform and connect with your consumer on a higher level and your products will seem more appealing. To make your site the best it can be, Keyword Performance will craft original and evocative copy that will attract viewers and encourage them to choose your product.

What Makes Effective Product Copy?

Effective product copy comes in many shapes and sizes, and we at Keyword Performance tailor our original content to fit your company and its products. With our history and expertise in the field, we know effective product copy has to do the following:

  • Focuses on a target audience. All effective product copy must appeal to a particular type of consumer. To know who your target audience is, consider who your most frequent customers are and who benefits from your products or services most. Then determine that group’s needs, age, gender, occupation, and other factors. By thoroughly knowing your target audience, you can better position your products and services favorably in their eyes.
  • Targets the consumers’ needs. Product copy should always answer the target audience’s needs. Why do they need your product? The best way to do this in product copy is to sympathize with your viewer by recognizing his or her need, and then explain how your product will solve it. This content will make a positive impression and directly correlate your product as the solution to your audience’s problem.
  • Avoids clichés. Telling people that your product is excellent won’t encourage them to buy it. Adjectives like “fantastic” and “incredible” don’t mean much because every other business out there is sprinkling them throughout their product copy. Instead of cliché language, use your copy to describe your product’s unique benefits, design, and features in comparison with your competition.
  • Evokes each consumer’s imagination. Your content should help your audience imagine what it would be like to own your product. It’s important to include details on how they can use the product, how it will improve their lives, and how or why the experience of using your product will be enjoyable.
  • Illustrates success. By sharing success stories or positive reviews in your product copy, your audience can read about other people who have enjoyed and benefitted from your product. The copy should explain why your product is so popular with other customers and how it stands out against the competition.

What Keyword Performance Can Do For You

Keyword performance can research and craft engaging product copy for your business’s website. With our help, your business can more effectively inform and interest consumers about your products and services. All of the product copy created by Keyword Performance is unique and tailored to your specific products.

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