What is PPC or Pay-Per-Click Advertising?

pay per click advertisingPay-per-click advertising is a form of marketing for visibility on search engines and social platforms that allows companies to build ads and pay a fee every time someone clicks on them. The more money you are willing to pay per click on search engines, the higher the result in the sponsored area. Social media ads work a bit differently in that they display ads by defining targeted audiences you wish to engage. Both types of PPC advertising have many features to tailor campaigns to your exact company needs and retain the ROI for your dollars.

Various studies show that there is no slowing down in this arena, and companies are going to be spending a lot more of their marketing dollars for brand development and product sales. It looks like more that 72% of all companies already using pay per click advertising are increasing their budgets in the year 2014.

Building Effective PPC Campaigns for Success Requires Strategic Measurements!

At Keyword Performance, we take the time to build the best ads for your company using dynamic writing philosophies to build strong ad placement for programs like Google AdWords and Facebook. We realize that building strong ad presence does not only include the amount of money you spend per click, but also building psychological titles and descriptions that will encourage the potential looker to choose your ad directly.

We will manage your ad campaigns to assure the best performance possible, keeping your presence and terminology up-to-date with the most relevant keywords and keyword phrases in your market place. We will alert you to rising costs of ad placement, allowing you to make the best decisions for how your dollars are spent.

Our keyword research approach is done from scratch, allowing us to build performance with an effective approach. Keyword Performance will utilize our tools to build a comprehensive plan for your pay-per-click campaigns, allowing the highest visibility rate for your targeted audience. This allows us to build a cost effective solution to maximize your company’s overall ROI.

Keyword Performance is a full-service search engine optimization and social media company that specializes in marketing websites through natural listings and pay-per-click bid management for small businesses to large corporations. We offer free advice for the best approach for your company. To learn more about our services, please fill out a quote form or give us a call today at 203.284.1929 and one of our search and social media professionals will help you decide on a strategic approach for the best marketing campaigns for your company.

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