Content Amplification

What is Content Amplification?

content amplificationOur newest service, content amplification, can allow you to get your company’s content on major publishing sites to promote products and services. Your content will be added to a content discovery platform that is accessed by over 100,000 major publishers, including Fox News, New York Times, and more. Algorithms will sort your information by category and place your headlines on these websites. People with interest will click on your headlines for your information and discover your brand. This is a pay-by-the-click service that will help promote and engage audiences on a state, national, or international level.

What can content amplification do for your brand?

  • Offer an experience your audience can trust from major brand distribution.
  • Expose engaging content to people who want to read and engage with your brand.
  • Connect your brand in any demographic and interest.
  • Drive results through a trusted pay-by-the-click model.
  • Enhance a user's experience while offering native monetization.
  • Open your brand up to new connections while gaining insights and allowing you to refine your media strategies.

How does it work?

Keyword Performance will create the best strategy for your content distribution for your website or blog. We will write engaging keyword-rich content with keyword-triggering headlines people want to read about. Add all of your pages into distribution or your blog into a feed and let it take off.

The algorithms will sort your content and display your headlines in the appropriate categories for their readers to find and engage with your company.

Keyword Performance's services include the following:

  • A one-on-one consultation to discuss the service and the best strategy
  • Rich keyword content development through white pages, blogs, and websites
  • Set-up of program with distribution company
  • Uploading of all content for distribution
  • Set-up of all budgets, demographics, and standards for the campaign
  • Monitoring of content distribution monthly
  • Creation of monthly reports to see which content is working and which is not
  • Refining headlines if needed to amplify your viewing

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