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The Benefits of SEO Copywriting Services and Creative Content

custom copywritingThere’s a myth going around: many argue written content is losing its importance while videos and images are leading the charge in communication. Though the visual aspect of websites, blogs, and social media content is definitely an important factor in capturing the attention of your audience, your content is equally important in capturing the attention of search engines and proving your website’s validity as an authoritative source in your industry. By effectively using SEO research and keywords for web content including blogs, meta description tags, and title tags, your company can boost your website’s visibility on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing and convert more potential clients.

Keyword Performance prides itself on using thorough SEO research and the best keyword tools to develop effective content. We work closely with every client to make sure our copywriting and research accurately aligns with the company and its services.

SEO Copywriting Services We Offer

  • Standard Website Copy: Creative copywriting for promotional, technical, and service type content for new and existing websites.
  • Blogs: Informational content that helps educate your audience and familiarize them with your brand and products.
  • Press Releases: Newsworthy content to be distributed across news channels, RSS feeds, and XML feeds.
  • Newsletters: Engaging information on announcements, products, services, and specials to be delivered to your existing base of contacts.
  • Product Copy: Specific content that describes your exact product specifications, engages your audience, and includes keyword-centric terms for search engines.
  • Web Copy: Creative content that engages search engines and web users for your specific brand, products, or services. With experienced backgrounds and research and writing skills, Keyword Performance can write web copy on any topic and in any style, from promotional to technical.

Our Process for Content Writing

custom copywritingKeyword Performance starts by researching and analyzing the best keywords for each client. These findings lead into the development of content for your website, including the following key parts:

  • Title Tag: The title at the top of the browser is the most important detail considered in SEO rankings because it is the first piece of content search engines encounter. By using the right long-tail key words in title tags, your company’s SEO ranking can improve tremendously.
  • Meta Description Tag: If the meta description is keyword-centric and kept short (to about 14 words), it can be a valuable piece of content for search engines to draw from.
  • Website Content: Website content can range from 100 to 500 words per page, depending on the layout and topic. This range can be tailored to fit on a project-to-project basis.
  • Image Alt Text: Alt text or alt tags are attached to the images on your site, and not only describe the content of the picture to image search engines and screen readers, but can increase the keyword density of the page as a whole.

Though the SEO copywriting process takes a lot of research, keyword-centric content is necessary for optimizing your website and increasing its visibility on search engine results. Whether you have keywords in mind or want to find better terms, Keyword Performance can do the research. For each client, our content writers compile a list of the best key terms and incorporate them cohesively while writing dynamic and informational content.

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