Keyword Research

Stand Above the Rest with the Right Keyword Research

What Are Keywords?

keyword researchKeywords are popular terms and phrases search engines use when connecting their users with relevant information. Search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing take their user’s search query and scour the web for related content. By including high-value, pertinent keywords in your content, title tags, and more, you can indicate that your website is relevant to search queries containing those keywords.

Research Customized for You

Knowing and correctly using your keywords can help favorably position your web content in the eyes of search engines. Our keyword research helps gauge which words and phrases have the lowest competition and the highest SEO value for your business. By researching popular search terms and phrases related to your company, our SEO specialists can find the best keywords for you and create content to improve your website’s visibility online.

Most businesses mistakenly focus on one keyword they believe is their golden egg, but the results of our keyword research services show other keywords and long tail phrases that have a more significant impact on your website’s search engine rankings.

Keyword Research by Professionals

Using the best SEO technologies and keyword tools, we develop custom keyword lists for each company to improve the site’s search engine rankings and visibility. We provide you with a custom list of the best keywords for use in the following website components:

  • Web Copy
  • Blog Content
  • Headers and subheads
  • Title tags
  • Links
  • Meta tags
  • Image alt tags

Whether for PPC advertising campaigns or for natural search engine optimization of websites, our keyword research creates the best data value.

Our Keyword Research Process

  • Interview. We begin our keyword research by interviewing each client to gain a strong understanding of their business, services, and products.
  • Analysis of current website. By analyzing the client’s current website, we can see what keywords have been used, how strategically they’ve been incorporated within the content, and whether they’ve been effective or not.
  • Researching competition and industry. We also research each client’s competition and their industry as a whole to have a firm grasp on what we are up against.
  • Evaluating and finding keywords. Using the best SEO technologies, we thoroughly research the wide variety of keyword options for our clients along with long-tail phrases.
  • Report of results. Once we’ve compiled a list of the best keywords for your business, we provide you with a detailed report on our findings.
  • Content development. We can then use this research to improve tagging structures and to develop keyword-rich content for your website and blog.

No matter the size of your keyword research project, Keyword Performance can handle it! Improve your search engine rankings and target your ideal audience by including only the best keywords in your web content. If you are interested in learning more about our services, please fill out a quote form and give us a call at 203-284-1929.

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