Link Building

Link Building

If the Google Penguin update scared you away from link building, it’s time to come back. Yes, the penalties that were meted out were severe, but it was necessary to eliminate the millions of bad links that had clogged the search engines and placed scam companies in top spots.

Did you make link building mistakes?

Before, the idea was to go out and seek sites to link to your site. It didn’t matter if the site was related in any way to your business; a link was a link, and that was all that mattered. Today the tables have turned, and now the game is to create compelling, original and informative content that will make other sites want to link to your site.

Buying links and trading links are dead. Even entertaining the thought is akin to web site suicide. Google’s algorithms have become ever more efficient at detecting link farms and paid link companies, and it will only be a matter of time before your site disappears from the SERPS if you pursue those strategies.

Let us help...

At Keyword Performance, we consult with all of our clients on the best practices for link building in the post-Penguin era. Links are not dead; bad links are. What you need to do know is to stop fishing for links and make your site content so interesting, other sites and blogs will want to link to it. From describing a product or service to giving valuable information and industry insights, the content on your site is what will be gathering links in the future.

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