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Get Proven Results with a Professionally Written Press Release

press release servicesA press release is one of the most popular mechanisms to gain the attention of the media. Whether you are a record label releasing a musician’s new album, a production company putting out a movie, or a notable website adding a new feature, product, or service, Keyword Performance realizes the best way to get your piece of news out is with a press release.

At Keyword Performance, LLC, we create press releases for our clients and make them available to the masses through our SEO technologies. We can work with the most prominent press release and distribution channels to get your news out and seen by thousands of online readers who can then link back to you, have your article syndicated through RSS or XML feeds on a national or international level, or visit your website directly.

Our online press release service can create visibility for your website in industry-specific media and also on the top three news channels, including Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Significant changes to your website and new features, such as a new product or service, are all reasons to have a press release written and available to an international audience through the internet. An SEO visibility package created by Keyword Performance will include, but is not limited to, the following:

Press Release Features

  • Headline creation
  • Professional writing consultation
  • Press release content creation
  • Up to three regional targets, which will allow local news channels to pick up on your release
  • Distribution available to Google, Yahoo, Topix News, eMediaWire, the Pheedo network, custom RSS feeds, and other online media destinations (Associated Press distribution is available at a custom service level.)
  • Your press release will come in three different viewable versions for the internet: a printer-friendly version, PDF format, and embedded iFrame.
  • Company logo or news image is embedded in the press release. (Video release embedding is available as well at a custom service level.)
  • Social networking features, including bookmarking and BlogThis
  • Quotable.
  • Up to five SEO anchor text keyword links pointing back to various pages of your website
  • Additional keywords footer for increased target visibility
  • File attachments

Reporting features include full page reads, impressions, comparative analysis, visits by country, search engine traffic, and search terms. Scheduled distribution, including next-day distribution, is also available. (Please call for next-day distribution information.)

As a press release is a separate part of the content additions to your website, the online media exposure for your company will create increased traffic and branding for your company. Our press release services include many optional features and add-ons in addition to our standard services.

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