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SEO site auditsDoing a comprehensive SEO Audit is one of the most important processes website owners need to complete to create a clear view of ways to improve their online presence. For over 12 years, Keyword Performance has been creating road maps for success in search engine visibility for website owners by building smart plans for web properties.

Why do you need a custom audit?

Unlike using an automated program to give you basic variables, Keyword Performance digs deep using our experienced eyes to look at everything from your infrastructure to a best practice strategy for your search needs. Each SEO audit we do is a custom plan that will generate an outline of specific work that needs to be done to achieve your best online results.

What does an SEO audit include?

  • Full look at your website, design, and URL infrastructure
  • Potential technical site issues for all domains and coding
  • Admin review to assure all SEO modules are in place if needed
  • Site architecture
  • Internal link mapping
  • External outbound link overview
  • Inbound link check (We will look at the inbound link sources going to your website and give you our opinion on quality.)
  • Review of existing content to assure no duplication in SERPS and assure your content is not omitted
  • Website content strategy and layout for your website
  • Review of your website's indexing in major search engines
  • Extensive keyword research for optimization layout (generally part of SEO strategies, but can be done as an add-on)
  • Localized recognition check for Google Plus / MAPS and Yahoo local
  • Onsite blog optimization strategy, if needed
  • Social media layout strategy and suggestions to enhance signals into your website
  • Consulting directly with the client to assure all ground is covered
  • There are many add-on services that we can provide beyond this general list, so please feel free to consult with us directly about this.

What if my website has been penalized in search engines?

If your website has been penalized in search engines like Google, we do offer strategies for this. We can certainly consult with you on what to do, or you can hire us to take care of this for you. Please note that over-inflated ranks in major search engines may not return immediately since they had been manipulated through redundant anchor text and poor quality websites. Feel free to contact us directly about this service for more information.

All SEO audit work is done on a site-by-site basis. We discuss all area topics we will be working on directly with you before we start the auditing process. Please create a list of questions, concerns, and goals you are looking to achieve for your FREE consultation.

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