Facebook Marketing

facebook servicesEveryone knows that social media is the wave of the future. There are hundreds of millions of people using multiple social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. For instance, as of June 2014 Facebook has an estimated 1.28 billion users, representing an audience businesses can’t ignore. More impressive is over half of those people are using it on a mobile device. In an average month, people will spend 640,000,000 minutes on Facebook. If your business wants a piece of this action, you had better act fast. So how can your business get a piece of the enormous traffic flow to Facebook?

Facebook Marketing Services

One of the most effective ways to grow your business is through Facebook advertising. Whenever people log into their Facebook accounts, they view mini-advertisements created by users for users. While Facebook ads are unobtrusive, they are extremely effective at capturing the attention of users who need a product like yours. You can promote your Facebook business page, your next company event, contests, giveaways, or provide a direct link to your business homepage. Even if you decide not to have a business page on Facebook, you can still promote your business on its network.

Get your Facebook campaign or contest up and running with our comprehensive services that include:

  • Facebook account setup
  • Business page setup
  • Custom page sections
  • Automation from blogs and other social media pages
  • Social media consulting (phone, email, or at Keyword Performance)
  • Scheduled FB posts daily, weekly, or monthly
  • Monitoring of all social accounts - comments, likes, messages, etc.
  • Custom social media reports once a month
  • Facebook PPC campaigns
  • Monthly budget for Facebook PPC and/or CPI ads created at Keyword Performance
  • Custom ad reports direct from social media manager

*Budget determined by the client and Keyword Performance.

A La Carte Facebook Options

  • Newsletter Management (does not include newsletter creation)
  • Product Gallery
  • Comments
  • Invite Friends
  • Promotion
  • Voting
  • Entry Count (for contests)
  • Custom Forms w/ Entry Database Management
  • Newsletter Signup
  • YouTube / Vimeo
  • Twitter Feed
  • RSS Feed
  • Soundcloud
  • Flickr
  • FourSquare
  • Newsletter Display
  • Google Maps
  • Google Analytics
  • Virtual Gifts
  • Poll Widget
  • Flash Animations

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