pinterest servicesOne of the fastest growing social media platforms is Pinterest. First conceptualized in 2009, the visual pin board launched a prototype in 2010 and in 2011 started gaining traction. Today, Pinterest is valued at $5 billion and claims 70 million users, making it one of the more popular social platforms today.

What is making Pinterest so popular is its focus on visuals and imagery. Users can create boards and pin pictures to them. We all know how much people like to use their phones to take pictures, and Pinterest gives users a clean and easy-to-navigate site where they can showcase everything from favorite vacation spots and the hottest fashion trends to great tasting recipes and incredible landscapes.

Retailers are quickly learning about the power of Pinterest, and now that the site allows business accounts and has a new and improved search function, it is only a matter of time before businesses start seeing big returns on their investment in Pinterest accounts.

Here are some interesting statistics about Pinterest:

  • 70 million users
  • Percentage of users that are women: 80%
  • Number of Pinterest users who combine their account with Facebook: 9 million
  • Number of unique users per month: 25.6 million
  • Percentage of US Generation Z who use Pinterest monthly: 27%
  • Percentage of US Generation Y who use Pinterest monthly: 27%
  • Percentage of US Generation X who use Pinterest monthly: 19%
  • Percentage of men on Pinterest who stay active on it: 50%
  • Percentage of women on Pinterest who stay active on it: 84%
  • Percentage of Pinterest users who try a Pinterest-related activity monthly: 64%

It’s easy to see why retailers and marketers are getting excited about the future of Pinterest. As Twitter plateaus and Facebook looks for ways to engage new users, Pinterest is quickly rising in the social world.

At Keyword Performance, we take pride in recognizing social trends and being prepared to help our clients harness the power of new technology to enhance their businesses. We can help clients set up their business accounts, create compelling pin boards that tell the brand story through captivating imagery, and use the site analytics to monitor the success of the account.

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