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blog writingBlogs are nothing new, but they are still a great digital extension of your brand. You are often limited on your site with what you can add in terms of new content and as the SEO game changes it may not even be worth it to stuff content on your site. However, with a well-designed blog you can post daily on many topics involving your business, the industry you work in and fun stuff about your company.

At Keyword Performance we help businesses extend their brand be developing and managing well-designed, creative and informative blogs people will want to follow. No matter what your industry is or who your target market is, we can create a clean, easy to navigate and compelling blog that will attract visits you can then funnel to your web site.

Our Blog Development Services include but are not limited to

  • WordPress theme selection and development
  • Weekly posts with interior links, images and compelling content
  • Social plug-ins that link your blog to popular social platforms
  • Engaging content centered on your business and industry
  • Regular maintenance to monitor comments and theme upgrades
  • RSS feed set up

If you’re interested in giving your brand an effective and engaging extension that will draw in new visits and sustained traffic, contact Keyword Performance today. We can upgrade and existing blog or build one from scratch that will match the theme and design of your site for a seamless look. Become an authority on your business with a developed blog from Keyword Performance.

To learn more about our Blog Development services, call: (203) 284-1929.


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