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Looking to build a responsive design that converts? We can help you get with the times!

responsive web designIf you want to be competitive on the search engines and how your site displays on mobile devices, building responsively is key. Responsive designs are a must for business owners that depend on their web presence to drive leads and convert sales. In 2014 mobile devices counted for more than 55% of all people browsing the web in the US and still growing.How internet users see your website is how they see your brand.

What is Responsive Web Design or RWD?

Responsive design creates an optimal viewing feature allows people to view your website on any platform including mobile phones, tablets, and PC’s. This formatting allows for proper display, easier reading, and navigational display for the end user. The user experience for this form of design is a great solution for any corporation trying to promote and engage products and services.

There are big SEO benefits for people that use responsive designs.

  • Google recommends RWD and said it is one of the smartest ways to attract and convert your customers because they favor mobile optimized websites.
  • Having a responsive design will reduce your bounce rate and keep people on your website longer due to ease of use. (This means more conversions for you!)
  • A user can find things quickly and easily due to the enhanced structure of the layout.
  • It will expand your overall reach to tablet and mobile users on search engines.

If you would like us to take a look at your current website standings or need some advice on a new web design give us a call and one of our design pros will be more than happy to speak with you. All web development projects and consulting we offer are discussed using best practices for SEO.

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